Nursing Special Interest Group

The Nursing in Social Prescribing Special Interest Group is led by Dr. Michelle Howarth, Senior Lecturer at Salford University.  For further information or to get involved, contact  Dr. Howarth.


They have devised four main objectives for the group:


  1.  The Nursing Social Prescribing SIG is open to all nurses, midwives & health visitors who are interested in taking personalised care and nursing practice forward, sharing best practice and engaging with personalised, asset-based approaches to care. 

  2. Social prescribing provides opportunities to think about ‘health’ differently – and consider how nurses can promote both health, wellbeing and personalised care for people across health, social and third sector organisations. 

  3. We are interested in exploring how nurses, midwives and health visitors can highlight existing work and collaborate to share good practice. It would be great to hear about innovative ways of working and personalised care, asset-based approaches both within and outside of the social prescribing movement 

  4. We want to explore the language of social prescribing within the nursing landscape 



The group wants to:


  • Find how and why nurses, midwives and health visitors promote/use social prescribing (including self-care, public health, personalised care and integration) 

  • Gain insight into the different types of personalized practice that nurses, midwives and health visitors are engaged with or leading

  • Bring nurses, midwives and health visitors together to explore current practice, activity and challenges to social prescribing and the opportunity/solutions.

  • Support nurses, midwives & health visitors by providing links to key resources about social prescribing, personalised care, self-care, public health, and integration) 

  • Undertake collaborative research to evaluate nursing and nursing services and support across the personalised care agenda (including self-care, public health, personalised care and integration) 

  • Promote social prescribing across health, social and third sector organisations  

  • Link in with regional, national and local social prescribing networks and NHSE personalised care

  • Collaborate with other health care professionals to understand the best ways of working and explore synergy.

Useful links

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