Other Networks

Other Networks

Here are some of the other social prescribing networks running throughout the world. If you have a social prescribing network or special interest group that you would like to have listed on our website, please send us an email.

All-Ireland Network

The All-Ireland Social Prescribing Network aims to work together to mainstream social prescribing through lobbying and establishing a learning network across Ireland.

They are a network of people who are connected by a shared belief in the potential of Social Prescribing as a force for good.

You can find out more and get in touch via their website.

Scottish Social Prescribing Network

The network was established in 2020 as there is was nothing in existence and due to the pandemic, Social Prescribing, through different guises of community connectors, social prescribers and community link workers, where services stepped up, rapidly adapted and used innovative approaches to support the people in their communities.

Their steering group is representative of 8 social prescribing programmes across the country and oversees the network with the aim of growing and developing this in a similar way to England, Wales and the all-Ireland network.  Find out more at their website.

The Wales School for Social Prescribing Research

The Wales School for Social Prescribing Research (WSSPR) provides a hub for collaborative research, dissemination of research findings, and capacity building of researchers with an interest in social prescribing. While the main focus is on social prescribing within Wales, WSSPR is also interested in collaborative research into social prescribing throughout the UK and internationally. The steering group consists of members from Welsh universities, health boards, community organisations and the public. The Wales Social Prescribing Research Network sits within WSSPR. This is a network of researchers and practitioners in Wales who are interested in social prescribing research. The network currently has over 280 members. You can find out more information at http://www.wsspr.wales.

Royal College of Medicine

5th International Social Prescribing Conference

19th & 20th June 2024