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Our social prescribing community throughout the UK and internationally have risen to the Covid-19 challenge to take on new responsibilities and develop new skills; and to deliver their usual activities and projects in innovative, safe ways. We know you have all gone above and beyond.

To acknowledge this, the Social Prescribing Network has launched Social Prescribing ESTEEM to recognise and capture the incredible work going on everywhere. The Social Prescribing Network’s awards and international conference will be taking place in March 2021 at The Lowry, Salford and we will be opening the Awards for entry later on in 2020. Until then we are inviting you to tell us about individuals or teams who are great examples of the kind of new responsibilities, roles and approaches that the social prescribing community have developed in response to the Covid-19

“We were so disappointed when we realised that we would have delay the awards ceremony for 2020. It is right that we continue to shine a light and recognise the incredible work carried out by social prescribing schemes in the UK and around the world, particularly during the pandemic.”
Marie Polley Co-Chair, Social Prescribing Network

“The work of the social prescribing schemes and the link workers has been fantastic over the last few months. We want to pay tribute to all those people who have had to change and adapt what they have been doing and especially link workers joining schemes just as the pandemic took hold.”
Michael Dixon, Co-Chair, Social Prescribing Network

It is an ongoing recognition scheme which we will run as long as it’s appropriate. Unlike conventional awards programmes, there’s no deadline.  We will share your submissions regularly on line.   At the 3rd International Social Prescribing Network conference and awards ceremony next Spring, we will celebrate our Esteem nominees as well as the winners of the 2021 Social Prescribing Network

There will be no formal judging as we are relying on the judgement of the nominator to select teams or individuals who are doing outstanding work. Just send us a short description (150 words), an interesting photograph and confirmation that the people concerned are happy for us to spread the word.  Nominations are now open via Chamberlain Dunn.