Personalised Care Interprofessional Education Framework


Do you ever stop and wonder how social prescribing actually makes a difference to people's lives? Well, educators are currently doing just that by challenging the existing 'pathogenic' models that are...

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Homeshare: a sustainable approach for social prescribing


What is Homesharing all about? Similar to social prescribing, homeshare fits across the wider health and social care banner, and akin to social prescribing, homeshare also emerged in the UK back in th...

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Social prescribing: why I’m flying the flag in medical school


People on the whole are quite complex. In medicine we tend to see a snapshot of a tired, ill patient and then fight against the ticking clock to match them with whatever medicine, treatment or referra...

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A mile in your own shoes


Thirty years ago, I ran an outdoor education charity in Brighton. Young people, mostly from very disadvantaged backgrounds, came with us on day trips and camps to have a go at rock climbing, canoeing ...

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Developing a national consensus for teaching Social Prescribing within UK medical schools


The Social Prescribing Student Champion Scheme (1) has delivered a total of 68 informal peer-assisted learning teaching sessions on Social Prescribing (SP) across 25 UK medical schools during 2017-201...

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Emancipating ourselves from the tyranny of proof


"Social prescription is probably one of the most evaluated policy changes of the 21st century". Those words from Chris Dayson of Sheffield Hallam University should be written on the heart of every hea...

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Moving forward: Our aspirations for research and social prescribing


I am writing this on the eve of the 1st International Social Prescribing Network research conference. Since Michael Dixon and I, with colleagues, set up the Social Prescribing Network in November 2015...

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